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I was getting ready for a trip to Haiti and didn’t know where to go for all my vaccines. Luckily I ended up at Peoples Pharmacy and travel clinic located in Fairfield and received good advice and care on what to do when traveling to Haiti.

Public health Nurse Laurel B. Rayani was very helpful and charming giving me the right vaccines and medications, ‘‘just in case ‘’.

Thank you
— Nicolas B
Thank you for taking the time to work with my family in preparation for our big around-the-world trip in the fall. We have always been travelers going to very remote locations around the world. We always set up appointments with travel clinics to update our shots and confirm any gaps before we leave for our adventures. I have found other clinics to be rigid and preachy using scare tactics and intimidation to frighten our family (even though we are completely vaccination compliant).

Our visit with you was an absolute pleasure, you were very sensitive to Bela being nervous of the needles. You engaged our teenager in her travel needs in a respectful way that validated her experiences while still informing her clearly of her responsibilities for her health.

Your service oriented style and ability to engage each of the members of our family in their travel health was by far the best experience that we have had at any travel clinic over the years. We will be back!

Thank you for being so great, especially with the kids.

Warm regards, Carolyn
— Carolyn W.
I found your travel health service pleasant, personal, thorough and professional. Should I need further travel immunization advice I will certainly use you again.
— Rob G.
We just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the excellent vaccination service and advice you provided, in preparation for our upcoming cruise. We really appreciated your professionalism, your attention to detail with regard to our specific itinerary, your thorough completion of the documentation, your briefing, and your assistance with other trip precautionary measures.

We unreservedly recommend your services to anyone departing our beautiful Victoria for foreign travel.
— Don and Lynn M.

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Hi Laurel,

I was in the Fairfield at Moss Peoples Pharmacy and had a chat with you last week about the great service I have received from the staff.

I listen frequently to Terry O’Reilly, a broadcaster on CBC Radio. He mentioned on one of his programs that service is the key ingredient to customer loyalty.
The example given to illustrate his point was of a situation at Macy’s store in New York. An individual returned a product that had not been purchased at the store but Macys did not hesitate to make a replacement.

I have been to the Pharmacy on a number of occasions to fill prescriptions, have injections and to ask about products. I have always had outstanding support from Lin and cheerful responses from other staff. Lin’s knowledge is expressed clearly and willingly. James has been helpful on the times he has been in the Pharmacy. I have also had the same approach from Mario and Suzanne when I have gone to the Plaza Peoples. Good staff certainly are critical to the success of a business. Customers will remain loyal. Word of mouth recommendation about the Pharmacy is a result of solid service.

— M. I.