Yellow Fever is a serious disease caused by the yellow fever virus. It is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.

It cannot be spread by direct contact from person to person. Yellow fever is found in many parts of Africa and South America. 

Yellow fever presents in most cases in humans with chills, fever, nausea, muscle backache and muscular pain and headache, which generally subsides after several days. In some patients, a toxic phase follows, in which liver damage with jaundice (inspiring the name of the disease) can occur and lead to death.

Because of the increased bleeding tendency (bleeding diathesis), yellow fever belongs to the group of hemorrhagic fevers.

The WHO estimates that yellow fever affects over 200,000 individuals and is the cause of over 30,000 deaths every year in unvaccinated populations; today nearly 90% of the infections occur in Africa. Yellow Fever is also found in tropical areas of Central and South America.

Victoria Travel Clinic offers Yellow Fever Vaccinations.  

*Please note that all persons requiring a yellow fever vaccine must have a full consultation appointment with the travel pharmacist. Please call us at 250 598 9232 or book using our online booking system associated with this website. 

UPDATE: we are currently experiencing a shortage of yellow fever vaccines. Please call us in advance if you are looking to be put on the waitlist.